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Dreams is it...

I daresay I had one myself this morning. Must have dozed off on the couch...

Not only must the City bring our past forward, but it feels the need to force us to our future. Or, what could be the future. The City lies so often, you can never trust it to tell the truth...it can only plant the seeds of doubt.

And fear, of course.

Maybe we can keep the holiday feelings about, despite all of this...
oh come on

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I certainly didn't miss being a ceramic doll...but I do suppose it was one of the first instances I realized just how -ridiculous- this City can be. Honestly.

Still, what a magical month. I do so love the Christmas season!
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So Excited

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Yesterday was a wonderful day.

Most of my worries just---lifted off...along with my melancholy. I feel like getting out more, I--I'm tired of feeling so weighted.

I'm getting married, for heaven's sake!! To the most wonderful man in the entire world. I love him more than anything...and I should be happy. I am happy. I've never been happier in my entire life.

I love you, Harry. I love you.
did you just?

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Oh, dear...

Seems this day's come round again.

I don't mind at all, really---I would just appreciate no one stealing my swords, or my bows and arrows, thank you.

In truth, I rather like this day.

Sometimes, I see people I haven't seen in ages. I enjoy it, meeting up with old friends again...

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Nothing will ever feel the same, I'm afraid...

It's all so...different.

Without him here. People come and go, but--I...I've never felt so very alone before. I miss him. I do. And here--I know he would be the person I would go to, for feeling this way, but...


I mustn't keep this...up. Not now. Honestly, he wouldn't want me feeling like this. I'm certain I'll be smiling again soon. After all. I have a wedding to plan.
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I might as we be wearing nothing--no offense meant to whoever this-- unique ensemble belongs to---

Oh, good lord, this is short---

[light sigh] At least it's -clothing-...[a piece of paper tapping against her hand] You certainly didn't appreciate much clothes, did you, darling...thank you...I miss you so much already...oh---

Doumeki, thank you again for the flowers, they're just breathtaking.

Now, will someone -please- help me find MY clothes??

[ooc: Swiiiitched with Abby. x3]

oh come on

Voice post

Oh, for heaven's sake...

MUST they constantly tamper with the water lines?! Praise all I wasn't doing laundry this morning! Instead, I'm picking strawberry bits out of my hair...

[light footfalls, passing between rooms]

Well, it's not blood or alcohol, or...pink..some such, so we might as well be thankful.

[a faucet turns on--mewling]

The faucet seems to be running vanilla in the kitchen...Katrina is certainly enjoying herself. I'm certainly glad someone is. Spoiled thing you are, my dear. If anyone in the apartment is in desperate need of water, there are three shelves full under the stove.

If anyone wants to join me for tea, I'm making a fresh pot now...

[a pause--voice is terminated]

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